Where do I enter my code?

Go to Your Profile | Details and you can enter your ICE-Info-Now! Code in the box. Press Enter after entering the six letter code.

How do I add people to my Emergency Contacts List?

Go to Your Profile | Messages and select the Sharing button. This will open the form below where you can enter who to contact in an emergency, and their SMS and/or e-mail addresses..

I didn't receive the e-mail messages!

Check your SPAM folder. Gmail is particularly annoying for sending our messages to SPAM. If they are there, you will need to 'white list' @ice-info-now.org to receive our e-mails. Here are some instructions for Gmail.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. We don't check the validity of any of your information except your e-mail address.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Yes. We use the Joomla Extension GDPR to ensure compliance. 

Can I test the system?

Yes. Just submit the code TESTME with your e-mail address at the 'Use a Code' menu. You will be sent the (fictional!) profile for Joe Bloggs.

How can I get my local bike shop (LBS) or club to get hold of ICE-Info-Now! bands to distribute

We distribute the bands for free to LBS's and clubs so just drop us a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll be pleased to help. That is our preferred way of distribution as it reduces our environmental footprint!

Is ICE-Info-Now! limited to certain countries?

No. You can register an account from any country. The only limitation that you may face is with sending and receiving SMS messages. For that reason, before you purchase any SMS credits please check your number at: https://www.bulksms.com/test/. Even if SMS do not work for you, ICE-Info-Now! will still work fine with e-mail notifications. Since most cell phone users have access to the Internet, they will still be able to retrieve your profile data by just entering your code through the web site.

How does ICE-Info-Now! differ from a medical alert band?

Medic alert bands are if you have a medical problem only. ICE-Info-Now! is more similar to a dog tag, but on your wrist. Unlike a dog tag, it contains much more information which you decide what, and how much, will be shared. Importantly, if you have a medical emergency and have the misfortune to be in a country without socialized medical care, many hospitals need to see your medical insurance policy. Not a problem! Just upload it to ICE-Info-Now! and they can access it.

Who pays for the SMS messages?

Whoever sends the SMS message with the code to our number +1-866-508-4885 pays to send that message. The ICE-Info-Now! user then pays to send the messages out to their emergency contacts list and to respond to the emergency responder who sent in the SMS. If you have no SMS credits in your account, messages will not be sent.

If I cancel my account can I get a refund for any unused SMS credits?

Sorry, but no. As described in our Terms and Conditions we don't do refunds due to high transactional cost of such a small value ($2.50 or less) amount. On the positive side, all profits from ICE-Info-Now! are donated to local charities so the money will go to a good cause!

What is the Paypal transaction fee for?

Paypal charges us $0.50 to process a transaction which we pass on to you.