To enter your profile information:

  • Log into the site
  • Select Your Profile

This is where you store your information as well as other key settings. Most of the information is optionalOnly enter the information you feel free sharing.

Details Tab

This tab contains the only information required by ICE-Info-Now!

  • A user name
  • A name
  • E-mail address
  • ICE-Info-Now! Code

We will verify your e-mail address, nothing else. 

We recommend that as an avatar you upload a photo as it will be shared with Emergency Responders accessing your ICE-Info-Now! code and will help ensure proper identification.

Medical Contacts Tab

This tab is where you provide the contact details of your medical centre and any health insurance policies you may have.

There is the option to upload the actual copies of the insurance policies. This may be useful in countries (looking at you Americans!) where having health insurance may be a prerequisite to getting certain medical treatments. This is done by:

  • Browsing to the folder where you have your policies
  • Selecting the policies
  • Selecting the 'Start Upload' button to upload the policies to the server (NOTE: Maximum file size is 2.5 MB)

Once the policies are uploaded, select each policy that you want to be shared (i.e. the most current if you are using ICE-Info-Now! for several years) and select the 'Update' button.

For Evacuation Insurance, if you have a SPOT GPS you should check that you have the optional GEOS evacuation insurance. If you do, then we recommend that you enter your SPOT GPS ESN as the 'Policy Number', for example: "SPOT GPS ESN: 0-2879646".  You should also upload the SPOT GEOS terms and conditions as your policy as that will confirm to Emergency Responders insurance details.

Medical History Tab

This is where you enter any key medical conditions that Emergency Responders should be aware of. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but hopefully covers the key issues. If not, please advise us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can provide additional entries!

Messages Tab

There are two elements to this tab:

  • Sharing which is where you enter the details of who to contact in the event that there is an emergency and someone accesses your ICE-Info-Now! code. Help on this can be viewed here.
  • Settings on how frequently, and how, you want us to remind you to update your information.  We recommend e-mail as we have to unfortunately charge for SMS messages. For convenience, we also show the number of SMS credits that you have available.


Finally, here you enter your home address and contact details.