The purpose of ICE-Info-Now! is to share key information in the event that you have an emergency. It is free to use e-mail, but for SMS notifications it is necessary to purchase SMS credits using Paypal!

Accessing the Message Settings

To access the message settings:

  • Log into the site
  • Select Your Profile
  • Go to the Messages tab

Create your 'Emergency Contacts List'

The 'Emergency Contact List' is a list of your friends/family/significant others who should be notified in the event that an Emergency Responder uses your ICE-Info-Now! Code to access your medical details.  Each person on this list will be notified and sent the message that you enter in the box at the bottom of the page. To define the list:

  • Select the Sharing button at the top of the Messages tab
  • Enter their names, e-mail, and/or mobile phone numbers for each person to contact. You can enter an unlimited number of contacts. The system can send e-mails (free!) and/or SMS messages (charged!). By default e-mails are always sent.

  • Select for each person if you want them to receive an SMS message. 

Message to Share in an Emergency to your 'Emergency Contacts List'

The box below is where you enter the message to send in the event that there is an emergency and someone accesses your ICE-Info-Now! Code. The length of the message is limited to one SMS message, and due to the legal requirements of some countries always has the prefix 'IIN Ltd.' which is who we are--and thus who the sender is!

Control the Messages to be Sent

Unless the boxes here are checked, no messages will be sent. By default the system sends messages if e-mail and SMS addresses are supplied.

Select Information to Share in an Emergency

This important entry is where you tell ICE-Info-Now! what medical information to share. We default to none, and Emergency Responders will only get your basic profile information (i.e. name, address, contact number).

SMS Credits Available

The system will display how many SMS messages you can still send.

You get one free SMS message credit when you register your account. Most people use it for testing. Once the SMS message count is zero, you need to top up your SMS account. The cost of SMS credits is US$2.50 for 5 x credits, with payment through Paypal!  We charge GST for those purchasing credits with New Zealand addresses. Due to the transactional costs, we regret that we do not offer refunds in the event that you close your account. Since we are not-for-profit, you can feel good that these funds will be shared with local cycling charities.