The ICE-Info-Now! Code is a unique six letter code. It is on the ICE-Info-Now! silicon band which is worn on the wrist.

In an emergency, the Emergency Responders will send this code to ICE-Info-Now! They will then be provided with the information you have selected to shared. Your Emergency Contacts List will also be notified of an event.

Please note that we are not responsible if the messages are not transmitted. As described in our 'Terms and Conditions', we cannot guarantee 100% reliability of our server provider, and SMS messaging is particularly unreliable so you should not rely solely on this for notifications.. Before you purchase SMS credits be sure to test that your local service supports our SMS Gateway using this link: Test SMS gateway

 TEST ME!  You can try the system by submitting the code TESTME. You will receive a link to the (fictional!) profile of Joe Bloggs.

Using the Web Form

  • Select the Use a Code button on the main menu
  • In the web form below enter:
    • The ICE-Info-Now! Code
    • The e-mail address to send the information to
    • Select the Get ICE Information button

  • An e-mail will be sent to the address supplied with a link to the profile. Please note that the profile UserID numbers are randomized for security purposes.

  • Select the link to view the user profile

Using SMS

  • Send the ICE-Info-Now! Code to +1-866-508-4885
  • The submitter will receive an SMS message back with a link to the user profile, as shown above under 'Use the Web Form'. The SMS submitter will need access to mobile Internet to open the link.

What is Shared

Your personal details are shared. Depending on the settings you select on your profile under Messages | Sharing medical contacts and medical history may also be shared.

Your Emergency Contact List will be notified that your ICE-Info-Now! Code has been used.