Since most people don't want to read the User's Guide, to use ICE-Info-Now! do the following (remembering that most information is optional and you can be anonymous if you wish):

1.  Select the More | Test my SMS number to confirm that your cell phone is supported by Don't purchase any SMS credits before you have tested this!

2.  Select the Your Profile button

  • Under Medical Contacts enter the contacts of any providers that you would like to share, insurance policy details, etc. We recommend that you upload copies of any insurance policies as some hospitals (especially in the USA!) may need to see these before providing care.
  • Under Medical History enter any medical information, medications, etc. that you consider may be of importance in an emergency.
  • Under Contacts enter your address and other details that you wish to share.
  • Under Messages 
    • Change the default values for the notifications if you wish, but most should be appropriate for the majority of users.
    • Select the Sharing Information button.
      • Enter the names and contact details of persons to be notified in an emergency (your 'Emergency Contacts List').
      • Enter the message to send to your Emergency Contacts List when your ICE-Info-Now! Code is submitted.
      • Decide what information is to be shared.

3.  Test the system by using the Use a Code button. When you register you are given one free SMS message for testing purposes.