Who are we?

ICE Information Now! (ICE-Info-Now!) is operated by IIN Ltd. is a Golden Bay New Zealand based company which has been founded to provide a service to cyclists and others who may have an accident and need to have their details shared with Emergency Responders. The catalyst was a cyclist dying in a crash on a local trail who was not carrying identification. He was initially mis-identified and the wrong spouse was almost notified. It's not just for cyclists, but anyone who may be in a situation where their medical information needs to be shared urgently.

At one time there was a company called ICEDot who developed a Bluetooth sensor for helmets which would identify if a crash happened and send out a notification. They also had bands with unique codes that would send out SMS messages with information. In 2018 they were purchased by Specialized who decided to discontinue the bands so we have started to provide this important service.

What is our business model?

We want to have as many people use the service as possible and so provide the bands for a nominal charge (or even free!) through local bike shops. Ordering online we try and supply at as low a cost as possible.

The Emergency Responder notification service is free to use for e-mail notifications.  We have to pay for SMS messaging so we charge your account US$0.50 per message, with purchases in blocks of US$2.50 through Paypal.  Due to the transaction costs we regret that we do not offer refunds should you cancel your account.

IIN Ltd. will donate its profits to local organisations such as the Golden Bay Cycle and Walkway Society, Golden Bay Mountain Bike ClubNelson Mountain Bike Club, and Project Rameka--which is a local carbon sink focusing on reforestation (with a great mountain bike tracks), and St John Ambulance. We are not formally affiliated with any of these organizations besides supporting them with our time and finances.

Environmental efforts

To minimize our environmental footprint:

  • We have chosen a manufacturer who is able to supply the ICE-Info-Now! bands 'raw' without any additional packaging.
  • We operate as 'Plastic-Neutral' through our support to www.plasticbank.com. Our plastic-neutral footprint has been achieved through a contribution to the Social Plastic® Recycling Ecosystem that effectively recycles at least 168 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic. 
  • Our preference is to distribute through local shops to further minimize environmental impacts rather than posting. We supply shops with a recycled cardboard box and extra bands to restock the boxes.
  • For mailing, we use R3pack's compostable mailing bags which are made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT and have non-toxic inks. These are certified to comply with the International Standards EN13432 / AS4736 / AS5810 for home and commercial composting.  Always try and reuse rather than recycle: turn the bags inside out and use them for a second time! Failing that, end their life in an environmentally sustainable way.

Do you want to help?

We are always keen to have people assist us by convincing their local bike shops (or others) to give out the ICE-Info-Now! bands. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.